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By Hannah Fitchett on Jun 1, 2023

If in case you have a canine that chases a squirrel up a tree or a bunny right into a bush at each alternative they get then they doubtless have a excessive prey drive. Although chasing wildlife is pure for canines, it could actually result in hassle on their walks. Under we discover the the reason why canines chase small animals and learn how to cease this explicit conduct.

What are the risks of canines chasing wild animals?

A canine chasing wildlife is a really pure conduct however in some cases, it may be harmful. These risks embrace:

  1. Accidents: A canine can simply break a bone or get hit by a automotive if they’re chasing a small animal and never wanting the place they’re going.
  2. Changing into misplaced: Generally canines are so quick within the pursuit of their prey that it’s straightforward to lose sight of them. They will simply turn into misplaced if they’re in an unfamiliar place. A tracking collar is a good suggestion for canines with excessive prey drives. 
  3. Illnesses: Some wildlife could also be contaminated with harmful ailments reminiscent of rabies. These ailments are carried by wildlife reminiscent of foxes, raccoons, and skunks and will be contracted by your canine.

What causes canines to chase wildlife?

Canines chase wildlife as a result of their prey-drive which is left over from their wolf ancestors. The pure intuition of a wolf to stalk and kill small creatures nonetheless stays in canines.  A domesticated canine could not want to search out their meals however the pure intuition to take action remains to be in place. Their mind is wired to hunt squeaking injured animals which is why they at all times take the chance to stalk a rabbit or pounce on a mouse.

How one can cease your canine from chasing wild animals

Fortunately, there are a lot of methods to cease a canine from chasing wildlife while additionally permitting them to play out their pure instincts.

1. Directing your canine’s pure instincts

You may direct your canine’s pure want to hunt and kill away from small animals and in the direction of toys for prime prey drive canines. These toys mimic the squeaking and searching of small injured animals and permit your canine to really feel like they’re searching and killing however in a secure and enjoyable setting. 

Such toys embrace: 

  • Tug ropes
  • Squeaky toys
  • Fetch toys
  • Flirt poles

2. Keep away from areas with a lot of wildlife

You may’t take away your canine’s pure want to chase wildlife however you’ll be able to take away the wildlife out of your canine’s walks. Attempt to decide on areas the place you recognize there received’t be a variety of roaming wildlife. Alternatively, you’ll be able to take your canine to off-leash canine parks which the wildlife has already realized to keep away from.

3. Fundamental instructions

Educate your canine fundamental instructions to forestall them from chasing wildlife or get them again through the chase. Fundamental instructions embrace:

  • Watch me” or “Go away it”: For use once you discover your canine has noticed an animal and is stalking them or watching them intently. 
  • Come” or “Right here”: For use as a recall after your canine has given chase and to interrupt them out of their fixation.

Understanding the physique language of a canine about to chase a small animal can also be helpful. Should you discover your canine is beginning to stroll very slowly, with their physique a lot decrease to the bottom and their eyes extensive and fixated, they’re doubtless stalking and about to offer chase. 

4. Canine collar bells

The ultimate technique to forestall your canine from chasing wildlife entails attaching a bell to their collar. The sound of the bell serves as an alert for the wildlife, signaling that one thing is coming their method. This offers them ample alternative to fade earlier than your canine even has an opportunity to see them. That is additionally good if you wish to take your dog camping, to thrust back larger animals reminiscent of bears. 


The intuition to chase and catch wildlife is hard-wired into your canine’s mind. Although the conduct may be very pure, it could actually result in disastrous outcomes if left unchecked. From damaged bones to deadly ailments the dangers are plentiful. By understanding your canine’s pure prey drive and channeling it away from wildlife you and your canine can get pleasure from your walks collectively with out disturbing the locals.  

Concerning the Writer:

Hannah is the proud canine mother of Makai, a Wolfdog with a penchant for naps and snacks. Hannah has a robust love for all animals however a particular fondness of canines. With a Masters diploma in Chemistry and a love for writing, Hannah goals to share the newest scientific research and knowledgeable data with canine lovers worldwide by way of her weblog Howling Wolf Pack.

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